Bioaqua Sunscreen Essence


ORIGINAL BIOAQUA UV Sunscreen Essence SPF 50 PA++++ 60g sunscreen wajah / Bio Aqua Tone Up Sunscreen

BIOAQUA UV Sunscreen Essence SPF 50 PA++++ 60g
BPOM Approved NA11211700014

High power sunscreen
-Up to 12.5 hours protection
-Resist UVB, prevent sunburn and redness

-8x + prevent sunburn
-Isolate UVA to prevent photo-aging
*SPF1=15 minutes, SPF50=50*15 minutes=12.5 hours

Multiple protection,Caring for your skin
-Triple protection
Prevent sunburn、tanning、Photo-aging

long-lasting moisturizing,not sticky

-10 seconds film formation
Moisturizing texture,Fast film formation,Refreshing and not sticky

-0% Alcohol
No Alcohol, no irritation to the skin

Core ingredients,anti-Photo-aging
Repair skin damage caused by UV

Filter harmful high-energy blue light

-albizia julibrissin flower extract
Antibacterial, anti-aging

how to use
10 minutes before going out, take an appropriate amount of sunscreen and evenly apply it to the desired part of the face or body

Gently pat the sunscreen open with your fingers along the skin texture

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